Cafe Ceylon is near some of the best surf points in the south coast of Sri Lanka. In fact, the Rock at Kabalana is directly across the road from us! The Rock is considered the best A-Frame reef break in Sri Lanka with good power, lefts and rights with a good ride of around 150m. The steep take off and hollow walls are ideal for both intermediate and expert surfers. During the peak season of January-February, waves can reach 10ft, making it popular amongst advanced surfers. For all its fame, most days there is hardly anybody in the water which makes the Rock one of our favorites surf points.


2 km from Cafe Ceylon, Koggala has one of south coast's best beaches. Koggala Left holds up even in medium cross-onshore conditions. There is also a short but very powerful and punchy beachbreak right. Koggala is more suitable for advanced surfers due to the strong undercurrents. Directly in front of the large resorts, Koggala is a great spot without any crowds. Absolutely no competitivelness in the water and sharing waves is the norm. Plenty of sea turtles and a very inquisitive white tip reef shark about 6 foot long! It's a great place to spend a couple of weeks surfing by yourself with no other beginners throwing their boards all over the place!


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Not only does Weligama have a reputation as one of the best surf spots in Sri Lanka but it also holds more waves than anywhere else on the island There are three breaks within paddling distance of one another so you can take your pick if you are regular or a goofy foot. With a bit of skill you can get a decent 250m ride on a slow, low power wave. The bay has a completely sandy bottom and no rips so a great place to learn safely. It does however regularly get bigger swells up to 10 feet which can challenge even very good surfers. For beginners there are a number of surf schools and it is easy to rent a long board that will give you a better chance of catching your first ride. More advanced surfers can take their pick from Ram's Point and Plantation Point. Weligama is about 15 minutes from Cafe Ceylon.

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Mirissa Bay

Mirissa is a beautiful crescent shaped, sandy bay surrounded by palm trees. You can surf a low power right-hander over the reef break near the rocks and a left-hander near the harbor. Works really well with a good swell up to 6 ft. However check the local tides as the reef can become shallow when the tide is out. Good for beginner and intermediate surfers to build confidence on a reef. More advanced surfers will find the reef point break at Midigma or the reef right hander at Mirissa more enticing. Mirissa is about 15 km from Cafe Ceylon.


A quiet village between between Midigama and Weligama Bay. Gurebella has two local surf breaks; Plantation point and Coconut point. Great place to surf from dawn till dusk. Take a longer board and cruise the long ride at Lazy Left or get barrelled at Ram's challenging right hander. Very few tourists so you pretty much have the waves to yourself. 12 km from Cafe Ceylon.


Galle is more famous for its Fort than its surf points. However at Devata Beach the waves are fine for beginners. The break works most of the year with small waves 2ft-4ft on sand with a ride of 100m to 150m on a good day. Please note that being close to the main town of Galle, there is a chance the sea is not as clean as some of the more remote beaches so just don't swallow too much sea water! Galle has a UNESCO World Heritage Dutch Fort, plenty of sightseeing and shopping options and a heap of trendy shops inside the fort. 12 km from Cafe Ceylon.


Hikkaduwa is one of the most popular surf destinations in Sri Lanka. Thanks to its white sandy beaches, colorful reefs, and terrific surf, Hikkaduwa has gone from a quiet fishing village to a favorite vacation destination. To experience the best surf, visit Hikkaduwa from November to March. Both locals and tourists troop to this surf spot, so watch out for thick crowds. About 25 km from Cafe Ceylon.

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